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Anatomy of Four Race RiotsRacial Conflict in Knoxville, Elaine (Arkansas), Tulsa, and Chicago, 1919-1921$

Lee E. Williams and Lee E. Williams II

Print publication date: 2008

Print ISBN-13: 9781604731903

Published to University Press of Mississippi: March 2014

DOI: 10.14325/mississippi/9781604731903.001.0001

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Appendix A

Appendix A

Anatomy of Four Race Riots
University Press of Mississippi

Excerpt from a speech by Senator John Sharp Williams, made on the floor of the United States Senate, September 29, 1919 and cited in the article “Mob Rule As a National Menace,” Literary Digest, LXIII (October 18, 1919), 11.

I go as far in the pathways of peace as any man who was ever born. I am willing to arbitrate nearly everything in this world, except one thing, and that is the attempt to outrage a white woman by any man, either white, black, or red. I surrender him at once as being beyond the pale of the law, to the first crowd that can get to him. I believe in law. I believe in law and order. I believe that there is no justification for taking the law into one’s own hands. But I believe that there are now and then provocation and excuse enough for it….

Not only is blood thicker than water, but race is greater than law, now and then; and if race be not greater than law, about which there might be a dispute, the protection of a woman transcends all law of every description, human or divine.

“Returning Soldiers” by William E. B. DuBois, cited in Leslie H. Fishel, Jr. and Benjamin Quarles, The Negro American: A Documentary History. Glenview, 111.: Scott, Foresman, 1967, 410–12.

We are returning from the war! The Crisis of tens of thousands of black men were drafted into a great struggle. For bleeding France and what she means and has meant and will mean to us and humanity and against the threat of German race arrogance, we fought gladly and to the last drop of blood; for America and her highest ideal, we fought in far-off hope; for the dominant southern oligarchy entrenched in Washington, (p.104) we fought in bitter resignation. For the America that represents and gloats in lynching, disfranchisement, caste, brutality and devilish insult—for this, in the hateful upturning and mixing of things, we were forced by vindictive fate to fight also.

But today we return! We return from the slavery of uniform which the world’s madness demanded us to don to the freedom of civil garb. We stand again to look America squarely in the face and call a spade a spade. We sing: This country of ours, despite all its better souls have done and dreamed, is yet a shameful land.

It lynches.

And lynching is barbarism of a degree of contemptible nastiness unparalleled in human history. Yet for fifty years we have lynched two blacks a week, and we have kept this up right through the war.

It disfranchises its own citizens.

Disfranchisement is the deliberate theft and robbery of the only protection of poor against rich and black against white. The land that disfranchises its citizens and calls itself a democracy lies and knows it lies.

It encourages ignorance.

It has never really tried to educate the black people. A dominant minority does not want blacks educated. It wants servants, dogs, whores and monkeys. And when this land allows a reactionary group by its stolen political power to force as many black folk into categories as it possibly can, it cries in contemptible hypocrisy: “they threaten us with degeneracy; they cannot be educated.”

It steals from us.

It organizes industry to cheat us. It cheats us out of our land; it cheats us out of our labor. It confiscates our savings. It reduces our wages. It raises our rent. It steals our profit. It taxes us without representation. It keeps us consistently and universally poor, and then feeds us on charity and derides our poverty.

(p.105) It insults us.

It has organized nation-wide and latterly a world-wide propaganda of deliberate and continuous insult and defamation of black blood wherever found. It decrees that it shall not be possible in travel nor residence, work nor play, education nor instruction for a black man to exist without tacit or open acknowledgement of his inferiority to the dirtiest white dog. And it looks upon any attempt to question or even discuss this dogma as arrogance, unwarranted assumption and treason.

This is the country to which we Soldiers of Democracy return. This is the fatherland for which we fought! But it is our fatherland. It was right for us to fight. The faults of our country are our faults. Under similar circumstances, we would fight again. But by the God of Heaven, we are cowards and jackasses if now that war is over, we do not marshal every ounce of our brain and brawn to fight a sterner, longer, more unbending battle against the forces of hell in our own land.

We return.

We return from fighting.

We return fighting.

Make way for Democracy! We saved it in France, and by the Great Jehovah, we will save it in the United States of America, or know the reason why.