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Shifting Perspectives

Shifting Perspectives

(p.49) Shifting Perspectives
Boom's Blues
Wim Verbei
University Press of Mississippi

At the end of 1941, Will Gilbert decided to accept a job at the Department of Public Information and Art (DVK). His decision was of crucial importance to Frans Boom's blues project and the course of events concerning his manuscript during and after the war. For that reason, this chapter focuses on the motives and attitude Gilbert undertook for his duties in the Music Guild. First and foremost in that regard, the question arises as to why he went to work for the institute that was pre-eminently entrusted with the task of formalizing the Nazification of Dutch cultural life. The second question is whether or not Gilbert assessed or was able to assess all the consequences of his taking on the DVK position.

Keywords:   Will Gilbert, Frans Boom, Department of Public Information and Art, blues music, Nazis

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