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Irrevocable Step

Irrevocable Step

(p.62) Irrevocable Step
Boom's Blues
Wim Verbei
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter considers the reasons why Frans Boom did not abandon the idea of working with Will Gilbert in order to see his blues project through to completion. Gilbert was working for an organization run by the Nazis, and in that way became involved with the Nazification of Dutch music life through his authorship of the jazz ban. His chronic lack of time also meant his contributions to Boom's blues project were sporadic most of the time, and no longer than a memo or a few paragraphs in a letter to Boom. However, back in 1942, Boom kept faith in Gilbert and a positive outcome to his cooperation with him despite everything. In retrospect all that can be claimed is that Boom did so out of an unfortunate combination of naïveté, pressure owing to circumstances, and loyalty.

Keywords:   Frans Boom, Will Gilbert, Nazis, Dutch music life, jazz ban

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