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Nothing but the Blues and Statistics

Nothing but the Blues and Statistics

(p.78) Nothing but the Blues and Statistics
Boom's Blues
Wim Verbei
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter details events after Frans Boom began hiding from the Nazis in May 1943. Like so many other students, Frans went into hiding at first by simply staying in his parents' house in Amsterdam. This was not completely without peril as his father had his medical practice at home, and patients regularly paid visits in the downstairs part of the house. Thus, during the day Frans had to stay put in his room upstairs. To occupy himself, Frans dove head first into the subject that interested him the most—the blues. The most important phase in the development of the final version of his blues manuscript took place in the summer and fall of 1943. During that period, Frans systematically analyzed songs that in direct and indirect ways sang of the life and love tribulations of another oppressed people, namely African Americans.

Keywords:   Frans Boom, Nazis, blues music, African Americans, oppressed people

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