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Matters of Principle

Matters of Principle

(p.93) Matters of Principle
Boom's Blues
Wim Verbei
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter details the circumstances that delayed the publication of Frans Boom's manuscript. Frans completed most chapters of his blues manuscript in the winter of 1943 and spring of 1944. Consequently, it already seemed at that time, and therefore even before the liberation of the Netherlands in May 1945, that the moment had presented itself when the manuscript could have been offered to a publisher. It is quite natural to suppose that the war with all its consequences would have been the greatest impediment to publication at that moment. However, the greatest barrier toward producing a blues manuscript together turned out to be Boom and Gilbert's mutual differences of opinion. They disagreed on practically every subject. Their methods of analysis, deduction, and reaching conclusions differed like day and night. Their ulterior motives (money, fame, or a good book?) were totally out of synch with one another.

Keywords:   Frans Boom, Will Gilbert, blues music, World War II, manuscript

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