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Dreadfully Purged

Dreadfully Purged

(p.108) Dreadfully Purged
Boom's Blues
Wim Verbei
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter details events that prevented the publication of the final completed blues manuscript The Blues by J. Frank Boom and Will G. Gilbert. Over a period of nearly thirty years, there were four occasions in which there had been serious talk of publishing the manuscript. The closest attempt at publication took place in 1970–71. The forthcoming release was even announced on the back flap of four monographs edited by blues expert Paul Oliver in his Blues Paperback series. Twenty years later Tony Russell, at the time editor of the publisher of the Blues Paperback series, declared the book by Boom a “famous desk-drawer manuscript”: it was as it happens completely irretrievable, and “unless by some near-miracle a copy of the MS should turn up again, this is a book we shall never read.”

Keywords:   Frans Boom, Will Gilbert, blues music, manuscript publication, blues manuscript

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