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Pure Friendship

Pure Friendship

(p.123) Pure Friendship
Boom's Blues
Wim VerbeiWim VerbeiWim VerbeiWim VerbeiWim VerbeiJ. Frank G. BoomJ. Frank G. BoomJ. Frank G. BoomJ. Frank G. Boom
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter details the life of Frans Boom and Will Gilbert after the war. After the war, their mutual differences—in origin, education, wartime past, substantive approach to the subject, social status, and ambition—all grew greater than that which united them. Boom graduated, became a Master of Fine Arts in art history, and then a diplomat. Gilbert did not rise any further than press chief and self-appointed musicologist. For Boom every sentence, every assertion made in the blues manuscript had to be scientifically reliable and provided with the proper acknowledgment of source materials. Gilbert did not see any benefit to statistical research and was fond of pouring a rich and liberal dose of musicological sauce on his argument.

Keywords:   Frans Boom, Will Gilbert, musicologist, art history, diplomat, press chief

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