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Analysis of The Different Types of Lyrics

Analysis of The Different Types of Lyrics

(p.211) Chapter II Analysis of The Different Types of Lyrics
Boom's Blues
J. Frank G. Boom
University Press of Mississippi

The a-a-b Type: Tension and Release/Improvisation or Memory?/Accents and Stresses/Language and Rhyme/Sentence Structure/Deviations from the a-a-b Form/Deviations in Primitive and Decadent Types/The Excitatory Types

Under the present conditions the annual statistics regarding the number of verses sung in this collection are necessarily rough estimates, even though the total number of records analyzed here in itself is large enough to be representative. In order to come to as accurate an estimate as possible, the verses have been counted in groups of two and three years. Due to various circumstances I was unable to study many blues recorded before 1926 and after 1938; this fact affects the figures of the first and last groups....

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