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Hegemonic Whiteness

Hegemonic Whiteness

From Structure and Agency to Identity Allegiance

(p.212) 8 Hegemonic Whiteness
The Construction of Whiteness
Matthew W. Hughey
University Press of Mississippi

To better understand how whiteness is continually constructed, research must highlight patterned sets of expectations, obligations, and accountabilities that govern the racial identity performances of whites across varying material resources, professed attitudes, and political sensibilities. Without such a move, recent sociological research may mask, mystify, or marginalize the social-psychological and cultural mechanisms that simultaneously constrain and enable the formations of white racial identity, and thus, white actions. As a resolution to this dilemma, I expand upon my previous work with a variety of data (white activist discourse, film reviews, historical events, etc.) to examine how whiteness is continually (re)crafted from an allegiant pursuit of an idealized and specific form of white racial identity.

Keywords:   Hegemonic whiteness, Racial identity performances, White activist discourse, Idealized, Identity Allegiance

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