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“White Blood Turns Red”

“White Blood Turns Red”

Playing Indian in US Comics

(p.99) Chapter Four “White Blood Turns Red”
From Daniel Boone to Captain America
Chad A. Barbour
University Press of Mississippi

Chapter four engages more directly with playing Indian in comic books, examining a host of titles in the 1940s and 1950s and afterwards that feature a white hero adopted by Indians or appropriating Indian ways. This depiction implements specific recurring characteristics: adoption by Indians, the white hero with Indian clothing or weapons, Indianness as strength and valor, the Indianized hero as upholder of justice on the frontier, and, in some cases, echoes of superhero conventions in a secret identity or sidekick. These stories not only engage in the frontier lineage discussed in previous chapters but also potentially reveal cultural values of the United States in the post-war years, especially concerning the construction and performance of gender, representations of nationalism and loyalty, and the construction of race and difference.

Keywords:   cultural values, post-war United States, gender, nationalism, race

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