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(p.134) Conclusion
Chocolate Surrealism
Njoroge Njoroge
University Press of Mississippi

What is funky is history, what comes goes.

—Amiri Baraka

The popular musics of the circum-Caribbean present us with a rich mosaic of the expressions and experiences of the people of the African diaspora. The music articulates history, memory, myth, and contemporary reality; its feelingfulness derives from its ability to simultaneously re-present the past and the present, and through rootwork and polyrhythm, the continuous innovation of the tradition. The music remembers Africa in diaspora, and listening to black music informs us of the dialectics of history and cultural memory, as well as the interpenetrations of sound, sentiment, movement, and pleasure: the politics of participation. “Because participation models style, reinforces the feel of the groove, strengthens the naturalness of it, keeps it from the realm of abstraction and keeps it in practice” (...

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