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False Starts and Minor Triumphs (1936–1949)

False Starts and Minor Triumphs (1936–1949)

(p.56) Chapter Two False Starts and Minor Triumphs (1936–1949)
The British Superhero
Chris Murray
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter examines the struggles and minor successes of British comics during the period 1936–1949. In 1936, Disney set up a studio in Britain and launched Mickey Mouse Weekly, the first British comic to use the expensive, full-color photogravure printing process. A year later, DC Thomson launched The Dandy, followed by The Beano in 1938. The success of The Dandy and The Beano marked the end of the era of the boy's weeklies and the beginning of the dominance of comics. The chapter considers the very first appearance of Superman in Britain in Amalgamated Press's The Triumph in 1939 and how British and American comics fared during the war years. It also discusses comics publishing by Gerald G. Swan, A. Soloway, Denis Gifford and Bob Monkhouse, Cartoon Art Productions, Scion, Paget, and Modern Fiction Ltd. The publication of The Amazing Mr X, Britain's first homegrown superhero, is also explored.

Keywords:   publishing, British comics, Superman, The Triumph, American comics, Gerald G. Swan, Bob Monkhouse, Cartoon Art Productions, Modern Fiction Ltd, Amazing Mr X

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