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Revisionism and the British Invasion (1981–1993)

Revisionism and the British Invasion (1981–1993)

(p.193) Chapter Five Revisionism and the British Invasion (1981–1993)
The British Superhero
Chris Murray
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter examines the development of the revisionist trend in British comics as well as the so-called British Invasion of American comics and its afermath during the period 1981–1993. It argues that revisionism was a continuation and refocusing of the satirical reaction to the superhero genre that has been in evidence in British comics for decades. The chapter first considers Captain Britain, written by Alan Moore for Marvel UK, before discussing Marvelman and V for Vendetta, also created by Moore, this time for Warrior. It then turns to Watchmen (1986) by Moore and Dave Gibbons, one of the most influential superhero comics of all time; Paradax, a character introduced in 1985 by Eclipse Comics in Strange Days #3; Zenith (1987); and the satire Marshal Law (1987). It also analyzes publications that parody the superhero genre, including How to Be a Superhero (1990) and 1963 (1993).

Keywords:   revisionism, British comics, British Invasion, American comics, Captain Britain, Alan Moore, superhero comics, Paradax, satire, parody

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