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A Troubled Region and its Possible Culinary Fix

A Troubled Region and its Possible Culinary Fix

Chapter Two (p.50) A Troubled Region and its Possible Culinary Fix
Consuming Identity
Ashli Que Sinberry StokesWendy Atkins-Sayre
University Press of Mississippi

Chapter two surveys the rhetorical problem that the South faces, a complicated history marred by racial violence, segregation and discrimination, and economic inequality. Whether you are an African American Southerner with a family history haunted by racism and violence, a white Southerner with a family history of discriminating or tolerating discrimination, or a Mexican immigrant facing negative social outcry, feeling pride in the region can be troubling. Despite conflicting identities, Southerners continue to define themselves in relation to the region, and the reality-based and stereotypical images of the Southerner are part of the identity that Southerners must encounter. The Southern food movement serves a constitutive function by helping to craft a Southern identity based on diverse, humble, and hospitable roots that confronts a divided image of the South. This rhetorically constitutive work provides an opportunity for strengthening relations within the South, as well as helping repair the negative Southern image.

Keywords:   Rhetorical problem, Constitutive, Negative image, Southern, identity

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