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From Whim Whams to Spotted Dick: “Pudding, [England’s] Universal Dish”

From Whim Whams to Spotted Dick: “Pudding, [England’s] Universal Dish”

(p.42) From Whim Whams to Spotted Dick: “Pudding, [England’s] Universal Dish”
Comfort Food
Rachelle H. Saltzman
University Press of Mississippi

Both savory and sweet puddings have enjoyed a long history in Britain and throughout the former empire, where they are numerous, diverse, and widely spread. Despite or because of their ubiquity, puddings as a food group have generally been neglected by scholars. Yet they are one of the UK’s most storied foods. Puddings appear in historical texts, in folk poetry and tale, on menus from the most modest café to the fanciest of dining establishments. While the ingredients, for both savory and sweet, are simple, few, and modest, the very name pudding conjures up nostalgic memories and stories of childhood that transcend age and class boundaries. As such, puddings are the quintessential comfort food in Britain and function as an implicit category for an essentialized English identity.

Keywords:   Identity, Sweet, Savory, History, Nostalgia

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