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A Shift in Perception

A Shift in Perception

(p.233) Finale A Shift in Perception
China in the Mix
Ying Xiao
University Press of Mississippi

The conclusion summarizes the main arguments of my book. My main objective is to use film and film sound in particular as a lever to probe and obtain a fuller and relational picture of contemporary Chinese society and culture. From the allegorical use of folklore, sound, and silence in Chinese new wave, the youth-centred rock ‘n’ roll, the state-regulated voice of Leitmotif to the new audiovisual culture of hip hop, contemporary China has undergone one after another and/or concomitantly manifold reforms, modernizations, transformations, and most of all hybridizations. Hence, “China in the Mix,” one that is mixed with multiple genres, screens, realities, styles, ideologies, ethnographies, nationalities, languages, and possibilities. Additionally, the chapter maps out the current trends and future directions in Chinese studies and film and media studies. It re-stress a synthetic, dialectic, and multifaceted approach to read, listen to, and perceive music, language, cinema, and media in relation to their socio-historical contexts and propose a study in the fuller scope of perception: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.

Keywords:   China, Mix, Relation, audiovisual culture, perception

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