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Pictures of Partnership

Pictures of Partnership

Art Education, Children’s Literature, and the Rise of the Child Artist

(p.190) Chapter Four Pictures of Partnership
Between Generations
Victoria Ford Smith
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explores intergenerational collaborations that draw upon the resources of the child artists. It puts side-by-side changing perspectives on art by children and new modes in illustrations for children to chart changing perceptions of children as producers and consumers of art. The chapter begins by examining writing about child artists—from the educational philosophies of Froebel and Cizek to theories of child art and child agency drawn from Child Study. This archive frames child artists as both imitative and inventive and illuminates the literature considered in the chapter’s second section: texts in which adult authors partner with young illustrators, real and imagined, including Browning’s “Pied Piper” and the nonsense illustrations of Lear. The result is a partial history of the “discovery” of child art in the nineteenth and early twentieth century in light of intergenerational collaboration and a reflection on the consequences of that discovery in children’s culture.

Keywords:   collaboration, child art, child agency, education, Edward Lear

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