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Birth of a Blasian

Birth of a Blasian

(p.27) Chapter 2 Birth of a Blasian
Blasian Invasion
Myra S. Washington
University Press of Mississippi

The emergence of Blasians is historically, politically, intimately, and juridically contextualized through examination of national and transnational connections between Blacks and Asian/Americans. Analyses of these connections underscore tensions and anxieties especially around interracial mixing and U.S. military imperialism. Sociohistorical contextualization is necessary to demonstrate how Blasian media figures have become visible and how their bodies act as racial scripts used to demarcate, sometimes poorly, racial divisions and hierarchies. Through explorations of moments of Blasian illegibility and Black and Asian/American solidarity, this chapter ends on how these connections have offered potential areas for rethinking race and culture.

Keywords:   Transnational, Militarism, Interracial, Solidarity, Visibility

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