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“Because I’m Blasian”

“Because I’m Blasian”

Tiger Woods, Scandal, and Protecting the Blasian Brand

(p.69) Chapter 4 “Because I’m Blasian”
Blasian Invasion
Myra S. Washington
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter deconstructs the rhetoric around Tiger Woods during the scandal regarding his extramarital affairs. Though Woods had been able to use his mixed race identity to market himself more broadly, the scandal brought both Woods and Blasians under scrutiny. His subsequent apologia, designed to protect his commodifiability as a transnational brand, offered a glimpse into the ways Blasians had been commodified and represented. The tensions around how media racialized his sexuality highlighted the untidiness of race. Woods’s hypersexualized body offered a way to talk about multiracial people in a way that escaped the anti-Black, self-loathing, or celebratory themes from much of the earlier work in mixed race studies.

Keywords:   Apologia, Hypersexualized, Tiger Woods, Sexuality, Commodification

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