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Michel gets a Comics Job

Michel gets a Comics Job

Cartooning, Labor, and Notions of the Alternative in the Comics of Michel Rabagliati

(p.70) 5 Michel gets a Comics Job
The Canadian Alternative
Paddy Johnston
University Press of Mississippi

In this chapter about cult Québec cartoonist Michel Rabagliati, PaddyJohnston builds upon his previous work on alternative comics, and labor to focus on the specific case of Montreal and Québec. Drawing on Foucault's discussions of autonomy and neoliberalism along with theories of alternative comics advanced by the burgeoning field of comics studies, this chapter examines Rabagliati's comics and their socio-political-economic context and argues for their being defined by the tension between single-author auteurism and collaborative, collective production, both of which are important aspects of alternative comics as acts of resistance under neoliberalism. These acts of resistance are placed in the specific context of Montreal and Québec to paint a picture of their specific character as political and economic contexts for Canadian Alternative Comics.

Keywords:   Québec, Cultural Work, Alternative Comics, Neoliberalism, Michel Rabagliati

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