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Nowadays and the Free will Zombie Apocalypse

Nowadays and the Free will Zombie Apocalypse

(p.98) 7 Nowadays and the Free will Zombie Apocalypse
The Canadian Alternative
Judith Leggatt
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter offers a close reading of Merk and Martell’s Nowadays, a locally-produced graphic novel from Thunder Bay. The graphic novel explicitly links its plot and theme to the geographical location in which it is set, localizing its exploration of zombification. Unlike narratives that use the zombie as a generalized trope of mindless consumption, or of racial otherness, or of terrorism, or of pandemic infection, Merk and Martell use the zombie apocalypse genre to explore issues of personal responsibility and individual choice within a framework that is both cross-cultural and emphatically local.

Keywords:   Alternative comics, Horror, Regionalism, Thunder Bay, zombies

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