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The Postcolonial Enterprise of Trillium

The Postcolonial Enterprise of Trillium

Maps, Language, Histories, and Multilateral Consciousness

(p.245) 16 The Postcolonial Enterprise of Trillium
The Canadian Alternative
Joan Ormrod
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter examines Jeff Lemire's Trillium (2014) which, like many time travel narratives, reflects ideas of colonialism in the appropriation of territory and time by future scientist, Nika and British explorer Billy's respective cultures. The paper uses postcolonial theories of writers such as Frantz Fanon to draw parallels between colonial discourses of mapping and language in European voyages of discovery of the 16-20th centuries with that of the cultures of the British Empire and the future remnants of humanity.  In his comments on mapping, language and communication, Lemire shows how language and histories are tools of aggression against the Atabithians. Lemire, therefore, proposes alternate reading practices, histories and social orders by playing with the comic form, language and spatiality. In doing so he destabilizes readers’ commonsense perceptions of realism, time and history.

Keywords:   Reading practices, Maps, Spatiality, time travel, language

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