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Modern Chicago Blues: Delta Retentions

Modern Chicago Blues: Delta Retentions

(p.187) Modern Chicago Blues: Delta Retentions
Charley Patton
Jim O’Neal
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter discusses the retentions of the Delta blues in modern Chicago blues today and the new status of Mississippi vs. Chicago in the blues world. The blues of the Delta was a major influence on the way blues developed in Chicago in the 1940s and 1950s. Many of the great blues artists of that period were either born in the Delta or were performing there before they came to Chicago. The songs of these men are still carried on in the repertoires of almost every blues band working in Chicago today. However, Chicago blues has changed over the years as it has incorporated other musical trends. Whereas Delta blues was at one time the primary basis of Chicago blues, it is now just one of several elements that make up the modern Chicago sound.

Keywords:   Delta blues, modern Chicago blues, blues artists, blues band, Chicago blues, musical trends

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