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The Sixties in History and Entertainment Memory

The Sixties in History and Entertainment Memory

(p.27) Chapter One The Sixties in History and Entertainment Memory
The Bad Sixties
Kristen Hoerl
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter briefly reviews the range of dissident movements that were active during the last half of the 1960s. Attending to Black Power, Third World activism, the New Left, anti-war movement, counterculture, women’s liberation, and GLBT radicalism, this chapter explains why dissident groups became increasingly radical and alienated from mainstream politics and society. This chapter also summarizes the variety of Hollywood films and television programs that have featured the counterculture, Black Power and anti-war movements from 1966 to the present decade. These films and TV shows illustrate how late sixties radicalism influenced entertainment television. Although movies and television programs have provided a wide range of depictions, they have tended to foreground the spectacle of dissent and countercultural lifestyles over nuanced attention to radical politics or the motives underlying protesters’ actions.

Keywords:   Black Power, New Left, Vietnam War, counterculture, film history

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