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Unraveling Genealogy Culture

Unraveling Genealogy Culture

(p.20) 2 Unraveling Genealogy Culture
Alternate Roots
Christine Scodari
University Press of Mississippi

Chapter Two gauges hegemonic and/or resistive meanings, readings, or outcomes in or related to traditional and digital institutions, tools, texts, practices, participatory cultures, and identities associated with taking up and/or performing genealogy. It scrutinizes issues of privacy, race, ethnicity, class, gender, age, and intersected identities in such terms. The chapter highlights genealogical tourism and family reunions in light of the racial/ethnic dimensions of the author’s auto-ethnographic sojourns. It also elaborates existing theory and research on social and digital media and situates these insights in terms of day-to-day practices of genealogy.

Keywords:   History of Genealogy, Genealogy Tourism, Ethnicity/Race, Digital Media Theory, Privacy

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