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Tubular Genealogy II

Tubular Genealogy II

Race, Ethnicity, and Intersectional Identities in Genealogy Television Migration Narratives and Related Texts and Practices

(p.63) 4 Tubular Genealogy II
Alternate Roots
Christine Scodari
University Press of Mississippi

The fourth chapter examines discourses of post-identity, race/ethnicity, and intersections with gender and class in terms of the historical context of immigration as represented in 21st century family history TV and its reception. Representations of major immigrant groups and relevant policies, controversies, and oversights are critiqued, with the portrayal of the Italian-American migration story epitomizing crucial lapses in the media treatments as determined based on the author’s genealogical journey to learn about and contextualize her own ethnicity and ancestral history and origins.

Keywords:   Post-identity, Racialization, Immigration, Italian American Identity, Audience Participatory Cultures

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