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Tubular Genealogy IV

Tubular Genealogy IV

Identity and Genetic Ancestry in Digital Media and Related Texts and Practices

(p.100) 6 Tubular Genealogy IV
Alternate Roots
Christine Scodari
University Press of Mississippi

Chapter Six explores digital media’s role in genetic ancestry discourses in terms of issues related to race/ethnicity and their intersected identities, hybridity, definitions of kinship, and racism and racialization. It addresses the rhetoric of testing service providers, YouTube videos, and the virtual interplay of participants. The author’s auto-ethnographic experiences with genetic ancestry are also provided, helping to reveal how connections can be made with genetic kin through social media, and how testing providers participate in the construction of racial categories as they present “ethnic ancestry” results to patrons.

Keywords:   Genetic Ancestry Discourses, Digital Media, Racism and Racialization, Hybridity, Privacy

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