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Indo-Guyanese Men

Indo-Guyanese Men

Negotiating Race and Masculinity in Contemporary Guyana

(p.99) 4 Indo-Guyanese Men
Caribbean Masala
Dave RamsaranLinden F. Lewis
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter focuses on the lived, everyday experience of masculinity in Guyana. Indian men in Guyana, like other men in the region, have long lived with stereotypes about who they are and how they behave. Even as Indo-Guyanese men define their own masculinity, they are often viewed in different ways by society. In constructing their masculinity, men of Indian descent in Guyana are often forced to confront these stereotypes, which become embedded as racial markers in the context of a multiracial society, ultimately assuming political implications which in turn separate communities. Indeed, defining Indo-Guyanese masculinity necessarily occurs in a racially charged environment in which race plays an inevitable role in how men view themselves and what claims and expectations society places on them. Any consideration of Indo-Guyanese masculinity operates on a mindscape of the perceived hegemony of African Guyanese and, more generally, African Caribbean masculinity.

Keywords:   masculinity, Guyana, Indo-Guyanese men, racial markers, Indo-Guyanese masculinity, African Guyanese masculinity, African Caribbean masculinity, multiracial society, race

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