Greek Music in America

Greek Music in America

Tina Bucuvalas

Print publication date: 2019

ISBN: 9781496819703

Publisher: University Press of Mississippi


Greek Music in America: A Reader provides a foundation for understanding the scope, practice, and development of Greek music in America through essays by the principal scholars in the field. This is the first book to offer a comprehensive view of the subject; despite the richness, diversity, and longevity of Greek music in America, there has been relatively little available on the topic. The volume includes several previously published essays, as well as recent work by contemporary specialists on the Greek diaspora. The book opens with a sociohistorical overview of Greek music in America, followed by four major sections. The essays brought together in Musical Genre, Style, and Content cover topics ranging from changes in sacred music in the United States to Café Aman, rebetika, amanedes, Turkish influences, and verbal interjections in musical performances. In the Places section, authors interrogate the musical culture of specific Greek American communities. Delivering the Music: Recording Companies and Performance Venues examines the many ways that music was made available. Profiles provides biographical sketches of noteworthy individuals or entities that shaped the course of Greek music in America or contributed to its allure and perpetuation through their exceptional skills. An additional essay on publicly available Greek music collections completes the book.

Table of Contents


Tina Bucuvalas

Overview of Greek Music in America1

Tina Bucuvalas and Stavros K. Frangos

Part One Musical Genre, Style, and Content

Greek Café Music1

Roderick Conway Morris

Rebetika, the Blues of Greece—and Australia

Stathis Gauntlett, University of Melbourne

Part Two Places

Part Three Delivering the Music: Recording Companies and Performance Venues

Marika Papagika (1890–1943)1

Stavros K. Frangos

John K. Gianaros (1904–1998)

Stavros K. Frangos

Ilias Kementzides (1926–2006)

National Endowment for the Arts

Kay Skordilis (b. 1936)

Tina Bucuvalas

Peter Stephen Kyvelos (1943–2017)

Michael G. Kaloyanides