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Turkish Music in the Greek American Experience

Turkish Music in the Greek American Experience

(p.149) Turkish Music in the Greek American Experience
Greek Music in America
Joseph G. Graziosi
University Press of Mississippi

Through information about specific recordings and musicians, Joseph Graziosi’s essay on “Turkish Music in the Greek American Experience” delineates how many immigrants from the former Ottoman Empire embraced Turkish music and song as a familiar aspect of their home culture. This again challenges theories promoted by some twentieth century scholars who portrayed Greek music as highly differentiated from that of surrounding musical cultures—and perhaps harkening back to a glorious ancient past. Many of those theories assume the continuing purity of Greek musical forms, genres, or contexts—yet when we honestly examine any musical lineage, it is clear that everything changes and evolves in response to a variety of influences.

Keywords:   Turkish music, Greek music, Ethnic music recordings, Greek American, Greek diaspora, Mixed ethnic music

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