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Giorgos “Nisyrios” Makrigiannis (1875–1933)

Giorgos “Nisyrios” Makrigiannis (1875–1933)

(p.337) Giorgos “Nisyrios” Makrigiannis (1875–1933)
Greek Music in America
Panayotis League
University Press of Mississippi

Giorgos Makrigiannis or Nisyrios (“the Nisyrian”) was the dominant influence on the modern Dodecanese violin style and the musician who largely determined the course that their local traditions have taken over the last century—a course that was largely plotted in the United States. In 1916 Makrigiannis settled in New York. He performed throughout the Greek and Ottoman diasporas in the United States; and he taught an entire generation of Greek American violinists. But Makrigiannis' most lasting impact on Greek music in the twentieth century was as a recording artist.

Keywords:   Greek violin music, Dodecanese music, Nisiotika, Ottoman diaspora, Ethnic music recordings

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