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Theodotos “Tetos” Demetriades (1897–1971)

Theodotos “Tetos” Demetriades (1897–1971)

(p.369) Theodotos “Tetos” Demetriades (1897–1971)
Greek Music in America
Stavros K. Frangos
University Press of Mississippi

Theodotos “Tetos” Demetriades, a Greek immigrant from Constantinople (Istanbul), was a musician, vocalist, composer, and record producer of great importance to the history of modern Greek music and to the production of ethnic music in the United States. He worked for Columbia Records, RCA Victor and Orthophonic, and his own labels, Colonial and Standard. In addition to Greek, Demetriades recorded Turkish, Albanian, Armenian, Gypsy, Sephardic Jewish, and other musicians.

Keywords:   RCA Victor - Orthophonic, Ethnic recordings, Greek music, Field recordings, Standard-Colonial

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