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Ioannis Halikias, aka Jack Gregory (1898–1957)1

Ioannis Halikias, aka Jack Gregory (1898–1957)1

(p.378) Ioannis Halikias, aka Jack Gregory (1898–1957)1
Greek Music in America
Aydin Chaloupka
University Press of Mississippi

In 1932, Ioannis “Jack” Halikias (1898-1957), a Greek American, recorded “Minoretouteke” for Columbia Record Company, the first bouzouki solo and probably the most influential bouzouki recording ever made. This and a few subsequent recordings were responsible for the decision to start openly recording the bouzouki in Greece, which in turn created opportunities for the rise of the most famous players. Halikias was essentially a mangas—engaging in petty crime and black market sales as well as owning kafeneia or coffee shops.

Keywords:   Bouzouki, Ethnic recordings, Greek music, Greek diaspora, mangas

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