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“Going to the Conservatory”

“Going to the Conservatory”

(p.81) Chapter 10 “Going to the Conservatory”
Creating the Jazz Solo
Vic Hobson
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter looks at Armstrong’s development as a musician in his time with Fate Marable and his orchestra on the Streckfus riverboats. Joe Howard, Norman Mason, and Davy Jones, all good readers and veterans of the minstrel shows, helped Armstrong with his studies. This chapter explores the changing dance tempos as jazz and the Fox-Trot replaced ragtime and the One-Step. The chapter also looks at how barbershop principles were influencing white musicians and being written into sheet music arrangements in relation to “Avalon” (1920).

Keywords:   Fate Marable, Streckfus riverboats, Fox Trot, One Step, “Avalon”

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