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Welcome to the Island: The Lewis Fishery in Context

Welcome to the Island: The Lewis Fishery in Context

(p.3) One Welcome to the Island: The Lewis Fishery in Context
Another Haul
Charlie Groth
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter is a thick description which introduces readers to the cultural and historical context of the Lewis Fishery, and the basics of the traditional haul seine method of fishing. The introduction gives the feel of the island, a sketch of the fishing method, and a barebones outline of the fishery’s history. Chapter sections include a description of the landscape of the island and surrounding river towns; the process, history, economics, and environmental aspects of haul seine shad fishing in the Delaware River Valley region; a description of what makes the shad unique and shad foodways; the fishery’s and island’s material culture; a history of Lambertville and its relationship to neighboring New Hope; a description of the annual Shad Festival and its relationship with the Lewis Fishery; and an overview of the groups of people that visit the fishery (family members, crew, customers, and other visitors) and their ethnic diversity.

Keywords:   haul seine fishing, material culture, festival, diversity, shad, foodways, Delaware River Valley, Lambertville, New Jersey, New Hope, Pennsylvania

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