Southern Religion, Southern CultureEssays Honoring Charles Reagan Wilson

Southern Religion, Southern CultureEssays Honoring Charles Reagan Wilson

Darren E. Grem, Ted Ownby, and James G., Jr. Thomas

Print publication date: 2019

ISBN: 9781496820471

Publisher: University Press of Mississippi


Over more than three decades of teaching at the University of Mississippi, Charles Reagan Wilson's research and writing transformed southern studies in key ways. This book pays tribute to, and extends, Wilson's seminal work on southern religion and culture. Using certain episodes and moments in southern religious history, the chapters examine the place and power of religion in southern communities and society. It emulates Wilson's model, featuring both majority and minority voices from archives and applying a variety of methods to explain the South's religious diversity and how religion mattered in many arenas of private and public life, often with life-or-death stakes. The book first concentrates on churches and ministers, and then considers religious and cultural constructions outside formal religious bodies and institutions. It examines the faiths expressed via the region's fields, streets, homes, public squares, recreational venues, roadsides, and stages. In doing so, the book shows that Wilson's groundbreaking work on religion is an essential part of southern studies and crucial for fostering deeper understanding of the South's complicated history and culture.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Religious History and Church History

Having Our Own

Alicia Jackson

Religious History beyond Institutions

Spirit in the Air

Randall Stephens


Ted Ownby

End Matter