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Dreaming the Universe

Dreaming the Universe

The Sandman: Overture, Creation Myths, and the Ultimate Observer

(p.35) Dreaming the Universe
The Artistry of Neil Gaiman
Kristine Larsen
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter notes how Gaiman's work flits between the mythic, the real, and the mythopoeic, drawing upon physics and mathematics to analyze the spooky action (at a distance) paradox that Gaiman constructs in Overture. Looking at its placement with the larger Sandman universe as the prequel to the original text, this chapter will examine, in particular, Death's role in Dream's larger journey as "the ultimate observer" with the Sandman universe. Using her as the central perspective, the reader will discover how Death functions as that which brings order to the otherwise chaos of The Sandman.

Keywords:   Sandman: Overture, Physics, Mathematics, myth-making, worldbuilding

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