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Race and Supremacy Contaminated Media

Race and Supremacy Contaminated Media

(p.21) Chapter Two Race and Supremacy Contaminated Media
Race and Radio
Bala J. Baptiste
University Press of Mississippi

Racism was the dominant concept encapsulating black experiences with white supremacy in the United States. Whites considered people of European descent as being superior. Caucasians in media produced content presenting white cultural products as the norm. The bombardment of the constructed images convinced the public, including blacks, that Eurocentricity represented the standard of cultural productions. Similarly, ideological hegemony explained why blacks in media were initially presented as negative stereotypes. The theory suggested that whites intended to maintain the status quo. Non-whites needed to not be taken seriously. Whites in decision-making positions in mass media also marginalized or silenced voices of opposition. They regulated people of color to reside outside of mainstream thought. Marginalization suggested that only the ideals of the elite were worthy. W. E. B. Du Bois found the existence of a double consciousness in which African Americans navigated between a black world and a white world. Blacks mostly saw themselves through Caucasian lens and therefore accepted and internalized westernized culture.

Keywords:   racism, ideological hegemony, marginalization, double consciousness, white supremacy

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