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The Pioneer Mixed a “Batch of ‘Congrats’”

The Pioneer Mixed a “Batch of ‘Congrats’”

(p.79) Chapter Five The Pioneer Mixed a “Batch of ‘Congrats’”
Race and Radio
Bala J. Baptiste
University Press of Mississippi

In 1949, after WJMR fired Vernon Winslow, the black paper the Louisiana Weekly hired him as an advertising agent. He also wrote a nightlife gossip column called “Boogie-beat Jive.” In 1950 WMRY was the first local radio station to revamp its programming from white-oriented to exclusively black content. In his column, Winslow critiqued the on-air presentations of the new black DJs whom WMRY hired. He chimed about the good and the bad. George "Tex" Stephens was one of them whom he criticized and later praised. In 1957 WMRY phased out and morphed into WYLD. A year later, WBOK emerged as the city's first racially mixed station playing hillbilly music along with popular black music.

Keywords:   “Boogie-beat Jive”, WMRY, George "Tex" Stephens, WYLD, WBOK

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