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Exceptional Performance, Exceptional Place

Exceptional Performance, Exceptional Place

(p.214) Conclusion Exceptional Performance, Exceptional Place
Downtown Mardi Gras
Leslie A. Wade
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter assesses New Orleans’ situation in 2018. One can see Downtown Mardi Gras as a vast piece of egalitarian street theatre, whose process may witness ego-rivalries and identity contestations, but whose final performance achieves something greater than the sum of its parts—the physical manifestation of an aspirant desire, for a reanimated city, of tolerance, equity, and mutual respect. Downtown Mardi Gras may portend a new future for Carnival practices, the opening of the door to further, yet-to-be-realized ludic expressions and energies; it may also point to new civic constellations, themselves yet unmaterialized, that could help elevate actual lives, spreading more widely the benefits of post-Katrina recovery.

Keywords:   Exceptionalism, Urban revival, Carnival, Downtown, Uptown

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