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Appropriating Place: Black Rock, An Agency Town

Appropriating Place: Black Rock, An Agency Town

(p.127) Chapter 6 Appropriating Place: Black Rock, An Agency Town
Black Rock
William A. Dodge
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter describes the transformation of the town of Black Rock into a place for non-Zunis during the early decades of the twentieth century. Anglo residents took over a landscape and transformed it—they bestowed meaning to this place. The failure of the Zuni Dam to fulfill the promises made by its designers regarding its irrigation potential, as well as the strong cultural identity of the Zuni people, combined to defeat the government’s assimilationist policies aimed at dismantling Pueblo culture. Instead, the Zunis accepted the new agricultural technologies and educational opportunities offered them and learned to co-exist with the new community on the black rocks.

Keywords:   non-Zunis, Anglos, towns, Zuni people, assimilation, Black Rock community

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