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Curt Flood: “Death is a Slave’s Freedom”1

Curt Flood: “Death is a Slave’s Freedom”1

His Fight against Baseball, History, and White Supremacy

(p.31) Curt Flood: “Death is a Slave’s Freedom”1
Reconstructing Fame
David J. Leonard
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explores the life and legacy of Curt Flood. Flood had publicly challenged the hegemony of baseball by requesting freedom through the elimination of the reserve clause and a reversal of baseball’s antitrust exemption. While not the first challenge to the reserve clause, Flood’s was definitely the most demonized, denounced, and surveilled, thus reflecting the historic moment of challenge, his blackness, and the realities of American racism.

Keywords:   athletes, reputations, sports figures, baseball players, racism, hegemony, reserve clause

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