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At Bat

At Bat

(p.3) At Bat
Smart Ball
Robert F. Lewis
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter introduces the premises and issues that are to be discussed throughout the book, among them the sports organizations that abuse their power in the form of monopoly license, media leverage, union power, and celebrity player influence. It notes the publications of James Quirk and Rodney Fort, who published Hard Ball: The Abuse of Power in Pro Team Sports as a slight against these sports organizations. According to Quirk and Fort, these organizations also deserve a public and private economic counterattack to deprive them of their autocratic controls and have them give way to more democratic forms of governance. Among all these professional sports, Major League Baseball has seen change in channeling its strengths into a more collaborative strategy that significantly utilizes soft power. This idea of soft power can be compared to the “smart power” model that Joseph S. Nye Jr. developed as a method that is applicable to any leadership evaluation, a model that frames the rest of the book.

Keywords:   James Quirk, Rodney Fort, autocratic controls, smart power, Joseph S. Nye Jr., leadership evaluation

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