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Baseball as a Global Business: Balancing Power

Baseball as a Global Business: Balancing Power

(p.104) Home Plate Baseball as a Global Business: Balancing Power
Smart Ball
Robert F. Lewis
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter functions as a concluding chapter that summarizes the progressive synthesis of baseball, viewed through MLB, as a sport, domestic monopoly, neocolonial power, and global business. It talks about how each of those particular elements is seen as an important part of MLB and is represented in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). The WBC is an international showcase competition initiated by MLB and MLBPA in 2006 and cosponsored by league organizations of the fifteen other participating countries. The chapter then describes the recent actions of globalization by both the MLB and individual teams, wherein there is an organizational shift from a neocolonial to a multinational and multiracial business strategy in a global economy. It relates baseball’s globalization to how the term is applied by critics and scholars such as Joseph S. Nye Jr. and Michael Denning. Denning asserts that the concept redefines modernity and signals the end of the three separate historical culture “worlds” — capitalism, communism, and decolonizing.

Keywords:   domestic monopoly, neocolonial power, global business, World Baseball Classic, multiracial business strategy, Michael Denning, Joseph S. Nye Jr.

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