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Final Score

(p.133) Final Score
Smart Ball
Robert F. Lewis
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter summarizes the thoughts and insights revealed throughout the book. It discusses how Major League Baseball is a composite of a sport, a domestic monopoly, a neocolonial power, and an international business. It notes how MLB’s “smart power” implementation of the WBC represents a merger of its soft power cultural and celebrity attraction. It covers the recent history of the MLB, from its early professional history, when it used its increasing soft power leverage to promote and further mythologize the sport, which ran the risk of exclusivity and hence diminished popular appeal. It then also mentions how, as MLB expanded internationally, it found that its strong national identity provoked resistance and game modification abroad. The chapter finally talks about how the MLB has seeped into other countries, noting its developments in the Caribbean as well as in Japanese MLB, enhancing baseball’s image in all participating countries.

Keywords:   Major League Baseball, domestic monopoly, neocolonial power, smart power, soft power, Japanese MLB

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