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The “One Note Samba” Starts to Jam1

The “One Note Samba” Starts to Jam1

(p.93) Chapter 4 The “One Note Samba” Starts to Jam1
The Berimbau
Eric A. Galm
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter describes three individuals within Brazilian popular music who have moved the berimbau into genres beyond capoeira: Naná Vasconcelos, Dinho Nascimento, and Ramiro Musotto. Vasconcelos brought the berimbau from Brazil into a global jazz marketplace and, through his recordings, inspired the Bahian Nascimento and the Argentinean Musotto to follow his ideas for developing new concepts. Nascimento developed alternative techniques for playing the berimbau, most notably the “blues berimbau,” which is a combination of berimbau tradition and his interpretation of North American blues music. Musotto is known for creating multiple layered berimbau arrangements, and for experimenting with electronic sampling and sequencing in a broad range of Brazilian popular music contexts.

Keywords:   Brazilian musicians, berimbau, popular music, Naná Vasconcelos, Dinho Nascimento, Ramiro Musotto

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