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The Pioneering Writers

The Pioneering Writers

(p.33) Chapter 2 The Pioneering Writers
Inside the Hollywood Fan Magazine
Anthony Slide
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter focuses on the earliest fan magazine writers. Fan magazine writers believed much that they wrote, and much that they wrote was usually closer to truth than fiction. Their light, frothy, and generally insubstantial stories were derided by writing colleagues from newspapers and general periodicals, who never let them forget that they were at the bottom of the heap in the world of contemporary letters. One name that dominates the fan magazine field is Gladys Hall, who was not only good but incredibly prolific. By 1923, she had published more signed articles on motion pictures and more interviews with movie stars than any other magazine writer, and had also written novelettes, short stories, hundreds of poems, and four one-act plays.

Keywords:   fan magazines, magazine writers, Gladys Hall, women writers

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