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Immersed in Church and State

Immersed in Church and State

Archibald J. Carey SR. And Religion in the Public Square

(p.45) Chapter 3 Immersed in Church and State
African American Preachers and Politics
Dennis C. Dickerson
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter examines how Archibald J. Carey Sr. inserted party politics into church affairs. It looks at how his election to the episcopacy of the African Methodist Episcopal Church allowed him to use public theology to benefit African Americans, his influence on the pastors and parishes in his districts and his alliances with white politicians, his dispute with fellow bishop Reverdy C. Ransom, and his uneasy balance of civic and church affairs. The chapter also considers Carey’s denominational assignments in the South and in the West, his relationship with William Hale Thompson, his promotion of women’s roles in certain areas of the church, his endorsement of the AME Church’s Five Million Dollar and Evangelical Campaign, and his clout in Chicago’s local church and public affairs.

Keywords:   party politics, Archibald J. Carey, Methodist Episcopal Church, public theology, African Americans, pastors, Reverdy C. Ransom, William Hale Thompson, women, Chicago

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