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Leadership and Lineage

Leadership and Lineage

The Rise of Archibald J. Carey Jr.

(p.61) Chapter 4 Leadership and Lineage
African American Preachers and Politics
Dennis C. Dickerson
University Press of Mississippi

Archibald J. Carey Sr. groomed his son, Archibald J. Carey Jr., as his successor in religious and political leadership. He licensed his son to preach at Institutional Church in 1928 and ordained him as an itinerant deacon at the Chicago Annual Conference the following year. Both Careys saw the African Methodist Episcopal Church as a means to exert their influence on local politics and believed that loyalty to the Republican Party best served the interests of African Americans. This chapter examines how Archibald J. Carey Jr. wove politics into his ministry to create a seamless persona as a clergyman concerned with every aspect of the African American condition. It looks at Carey’s civil rights struggle and his development of extensive Social Gospel ministries at Woodlawn, along with his belief that clergy had a large role in the public square. The chapter also discusses Carey’s support for the NAACP’s patient and painstaking efforts to challenge Jim Crow in the courts, and his role as one of the founding fathers of the interracial civil rights organization, the Committee on Racial Equality (later renamed the Congress of Racial Equality).

Keywords:   local politics, Archibald J. Carey, Chicago, Methodist Episcopal Church, African Americans, ministry, civil rights, Social Gospel, NAACP

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