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The Nashville Scene

The Nashville Scene

(p.11) Chapter One The Nashville Scene
David B. Pruett
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter describes the Nashville music scene from both geographic and historical perspectives. The founding artists of the MuzikMafia did not incite a revolution in Nashville; they merely worked the system. Thus, a discussion of the MuzikMafia must begin with the system itself: the Nashville scene. The many districts and venues that comprise Nashville’s music scene reflect the city’s musical diversity. Nashville’s rich musical history shows that the city’s roots are by no means limited to commercial country. The early presence and historical significance of art music, dance bands, and jazz is little known. However, these styles have been integral components of musical life in Nashville since the first half of the twentieth century. Nashville also has a close relationship with rock music since the rise of rock and roll in the 1950s.

Keywords:   Nashville, MuzikMafia, musicians, music scene, art music, dance bands, jazz, rock music

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